This is 

Evelin Kask

artist & photographer
b. 1989 in Estonia


Lives and works in

06/2016 Prague, Czech Republic
01-05/2016 Helsinki, Finland
09-11/2015 Berlin, Germany
06-08/2015 Paris, France
08/2014-05/2015 Helsinki, Finland
02-07/2014 Budapest, Hungary



What is the Duration of Eternity (after Solženitsyn), 2016

Wood, glass, fine art paper, black paint mixed with charcoal and ash, spray paint, soil, fingernails

25 x 15,4 x 6,7 cm

How long do you think it takes the plant to die? 
Without water and sunlight it should be a matter of days. 
Take a chair. Sit. 

The work is a measurement of physical and mental violence and a reflection of the recent history of societies. It is the exercise of power.


Negation, 2016
Metal, installation
230 x 140 x 70 cm

Untitled #5
Death, 2012
Framed pigment print,
40x40cm. Ed. 1/5

Untitled #6
On Being, 2014 
Framed pigment print,
30x45cm. Ed. 1/5

Installation view from the Photographic Center PERI, Turku, FIN (2015)

Untitled #2
Death, 2012
Framed pigment print, 
40x40cm. Ed. 1/5


(up right)
Unidentified case 4,
Pieces, 2014
80x120cm. Ed. 1/5

Untitled #1-4,
VERTICALS, 2015 (ongoing) 


Untitled #4 
Death, 2012
Framed pigment print,
40x40cm. Ed. 1/5


Selected group exhibitions: Photographic Center Peri, Turku, FIN (2015); Photofestival in Moravská Třebová, CZ (2015), VB Photographic Centre, Kuopio, FIN (2013); Galleria Ratamo, Jyväskylä, FIN (2013); the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki , FIN (2013); TR1 Kunsthalle, Tampere, FIN (2012). Grants and awards: Niilo Helander Foundation (2016); TAIKE Arts Promotion Center Finland (2016); Aalto ARTS (2016); Patricia Seppälä Foundation (2014 ); C.V. Åkerlund Foundation (2014); Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (2013); Audience Choise Award for 11 Collective in Finnish Grand Prize for Journalism (2014); Patricia Seppälä Photojournalism Award for 11 Collective (2013). A member of 11 Collective. For detailed portfolio please email. 

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