This is 

Evelin Kask

visual artist & photographer
b. 1989 in Estonia


Lives and works between Paris and Helsinki



What is the Duration of Eternity (after Solženitsyn), 2016

Wood, glass, fine art paper, black paint mixed with charcoal and ash, spray paint, soil, fingernails

25 x 15,4 x 6,7 cm

How long do you think it takes the plant to die? 
Without water and sunlight it should be a matter of days. 
Take a chair. Sit. 

The work is a measurement of physical and mental violence and a reflection of the recent history of societies. It is the exercise of power.


Negation, 2016
Metal, installation
230 x 140 x 70 cm

Untitled #5
Death, 2012
Framed pigment print,
40x40cm. Ed. 1/5

Untitled #6
On Being, 2014 
Framed pigment print,
30x45cm. Ed. 1/5

Installation view from the Photographic Center PERI, Turku, FIN (2015)

Untitled #2
Death, 2012
Framed pigment print, 
40x40cm. Ed. 1/5


(up right)
Unidentified case 4,
Pieces, 2014
80x120cm. Ed. 1/5

Untitled #1-4,
VERTICALS, 2015 (ongoing) 


Untitled #4 
Death, 2012
Framed pigment print,
40x40cm. Ed. 1/5


Selected group exhibitions: Space for Free Arts, Helsinki, FIN (2016); Teurastamo, Helsinki, FIN (2016); Photographic Center Peri, Turku, FIN (2015); Photofestival in Moravská Třebová, CZ (2015), VB Photographic Centre, Kuopio, FIN (2013); Galleria Ratamo, Jyväskylä, FIN (2013); the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki , FIN (2013); TR1 Kunsthalle, Tampere, FIN (2012). Grants and awards: Niilo Helander Foundation (2016); TAIKE Arts Promotion Center Finland (2016); Aalto ARTS (2016); Patricia Seppälä Foundation (2014 ); C.V. Åkerlund Foundation (2014); Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (2013); Audience Choise Award for 11 Collective in Finnish Grand Prize for Journalism (2014); Patricia Seppälä Photojournalism Award for 11 Collective (2013). A member of 11 Collective. For detailed portfolio please email. 

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