Perpetual Repetitions, 2016
Performance, installation, bricks, metal wire, paper sheets, chisel, nails, sheep wool

Third Space, Helsinki, FIN (Sep 2016)

Interview with Third Space


Perpetual Repetitions is a performative installation where the artist situates herself together with seemingly banal object(s) into an empty white space over a period of two days.

The space is closed, an aquarium-kind of setting, where the audience is welcomed to view the performance from the outside of the gallery behind the large window. Inside the space solitude takes place between the artist and objects. The object(s) are detached and alien from the space they are brought to and to which they don’t originally belong to.

Energy is a common property to all of them. The amount of energy in the Universe is finite, thus it cannot be created or destroyed. It is a transformative flow and takes different forms.

In this work, Kask is interested about the gap between physical matter and the subjective experience of it. She explores the absurd relationship we have with the objects around us and the power they hold on us in turn.

The debris of the session transforms into an installation and can be visited by the audience.
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